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Wood Tool Reviews

This review page is designed to provide you with an idea of what new products are available to wood workers. Listing the feature and components that each tool has and how that can benefit you.

These reviews are intended to give you my opinion of the tools I have and use.

The intention isn't to pitch a tool to you. If I don't like a tool it will show in my reviews.


Porter-Cable Routers
With the introduction of the new 890 Series of Porter-Cable routers the bar for innovations and overall good design has once again been raised.

Delta Tenon Jig
Most wood worker know the importance of having snug fitting mortise and tenon joint for their furniture. My account of how it helped me get better result in the shop.

6" Delta Jointer
Overall the Model 37-070 Delta jointer is quite good but there is one area that needs improvement.

Mosquito Magnet
Mosquito magnet review. Killing mosquitoes without chemicals of poison.

Jessem Mite-R-Slide
The Jessem Mite-R-Slide makes angled or square cuts a snap.

Jessem Mast-R-Fence
Review of the Jessem Mast-R-Fence - precision router equipment

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