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First of all...

let me say that what I am about to tell does not involve get rich quick schemes or multi level marketing.

There are no up lines, down lines or pyramids involved

This is about creating an online business based on what you know

First, About me

My name is Dave Markel and I live in British Columbia with my wife and daughter (with another on the way). I have a some computer background and until November 2003 made my living as a residential framer and wood worker.

When my wife returned to work after our daughter was born we made the decision that I was going to stay home with her. We simply did not want to put her into daycare. I got on my computer and started to look for opportunities online. I was buried in get rich quick and MLM all of which did not appeal to me.

Although my computer experience was somewhat limited I did have some web site experience. I created and maintained the web site for Chatter Creek Catskiing, a snowcat skiing operation I am partnered with. I figured I would try to make some money creating a web site based on my wood working knowledge, but really didn't know where to start. I stumbled upon a web site that made references to a Canadian company called Sitesell.com.

This is where my life changed Forever

Sitesell promotes a product called SiteBuildIt. SiteBuildIt is a system for developing a web site that is based on what I know. It basically allowed me to focus on creating the content that brought you to my site to begin with. It eliminated 90% of the technical jargon that makes building a site so difficult. I write the words and SiteBuildIt does the rest (with my effort of course).

The real advantage of SiteBuildIt is that you write about what you know. It works with any concept or hobby that you might have. Take a look here to see the broad range of web sites that have been created with SiteBuildIt.

Now, a web site with no traffic is the same as a store with no customer. It might as well not exist. SiteBuildIt shows you exactly how to get traffic and lots of it. This is traffic that finds me mainly through free search engine which mean they were looking for what I have to offer. Chances are you found this site through a search engine and that is why SiteBuildIt works so well. In fact, 98% of all SiteBuildIt sites are in the top 6% of all the web sites on the web.

See the results for yourself

This graph mean that this site is in the top 1.5% of all 16.6 million sites on the net.

You owe it to yourself to at least try it!

If you have ever had dreamt about giving up your 9 to 5 job, SiteBuildIt will work for you. It has worked for 1000's of other individuals. All you have to do is have the desire to leave your job behind.

Try it and see for yourself. If you determine that it isn't for you SiteSell will refund 100% of your money, no questions asked.

Click Here to get started with SiteBuildIt

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