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Pantry Organizer

Wooden Pantry Organizers
Wooden Pantry Organizers

Wooden Pantry Organizers

Get instant organization for existing cabinets—or use when building new cabinetry!

Two styles are available: Swing Shelves with double—hinged pivot assembly, and Door Shelves that fit on the back of cabinet doors. Both styles are solid wood and wood veneer over MDF for stability and feature a lacquer finish.

All necessary mounting hardware and installation instructions are included.

Heavy-Duty Pantry Slides
Heavy-Duty Pantry Slides

Heavy-Duty Pantry Slides

Let’s you pull out the heaviest loads with your fingertip! Thanks to a progressive action movement, this slide offers the smoothest pull–out action available anywhere. Combine that with a load rating of 450 lbs. each and you’ve got a slide that can handle anything from a kitchen pantry to tool storage to use in recreational vehicles. Even when fully extended, there is no deflection and it loses less than 3/4'' in length. The integrated lateral and vertical adjustment and the unique slide–on system make adjustment easy. Matching top guide is included.



Organized cabinets are well within your reach! Rotates 180º for easy accessibility to stored items

From front to back, this system makes it simple to get all the items stored in 30'' tall upper cabinets!

Rotates 180º in either direction for easy accessibility to stored items.
Includes three real wood shelves, two of which are adjustable.

Installation can be accomplished quickly and easily with mounting included). Just attach base mounting plate to cabinet top and bottom, and pivot hardware to shelf unit.

Pantry & Cabinet Glide-Out Tray Systems
Pantry & Cabinet Glide-Out Tray Systems

Pantry & Cabinet Glide-Out Tray System

Want to maximize your space? Add a glide-out tray to fit any width pantry or cabinet.

With ball-bearing rollers and heavy-gauge components to assure smooth, stable performance. Slotted vertical standards are designed to fasten to existing cabinet framing.

Choose from face frame or frameless applications.

Pantry Pullout System
Pantry Pullout System

Pantry Pullout System

Fully-adjustable pantry cabinet system includes progressive-action, full-extension pantry slide and top guide. Easily mount door to frame and adjust door to cabinet!

Choose from two sizes: Standard version adjusts in height from 45" to 63" and has four baskets; Large version adjusts from 74" to 88" and has five baskets (allow 5-1/4" for slide installation).

Also choose from four basket widths: 5-1/2", 8-1/4", 11" and 13-3/4".

Minimum installation cabinet depth is 22-5/8".

3-Tier Pullout Shelf
3-Tier Pullout Shelf

3-Tier Pullout Shelf

Make the most of your kitchen space with a handy 3-tier pullout — it’s the ideal storage system for pantry items and spices! Chrome rails help keep cans organized and secure.

3-tier pullout shelf can be mounted into pre-existing cabinet or new construction.

Available in two sizes: 5" or 8" W x 27" H x 22-3/8" D.

  • Includes slides.
  • Door not included.
Accuride Heavy Duty Pantry Slides
Accuride Heavy Duty Pantry Slides

Accuride Heavy Duty Pantry Slides

Pantry slides allow complete access with a pullout pantry!

Gain complete access to your cabinets with these heavy duty Accuride pantry slides.

Here's a hardworking slide for your kitchen that handles loads up to 130 pounds. Includes a pair of bottom mounted undercarriage slides and a single center-mount to slide.

Slides have ball bearings for quiet and smooth movement and a detent hold-in feature.

Pantry Slides
Pantry Slides

Pantry Slides

Strength, safety, and convenience! One slide is rated up to 225 Pounds!

A great choice for kitchen cabinet or other storage pull outs.

Use our guide slide #30839 for maintaining the position of moving units such as pantry pull outs or storage systems.

This top mounted guide minimizes side to side movement!

  • 22-7/16'' length for standard cabinets, regular extensions.
  • Requires 1'' clearance.

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