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Mosquito magnet review: What is it and how does it work?


Mosquito magnet is an innovative method for attracting and killing mosquitoes, black flies, no-see-ums and sand flies. Mosquito magnet attracts these blood sucking insects by copying human breath and attracting them to it. It uses propane of butane to emit carbon dioxide, moisture and heat. The mosquitoes are drawn towards the moquito magnet and are sucked up into a net where they die. An attractant called octenal is also used to attract the bugs. Octenal simulates the smell from grazing animals like cows or horses. However (thankfully) it is odorless to people.

Looking a bit like a BBQ, mosquito magnet is meant to be set up in a locations between you and the area where the mosquitoes nest. Once turned on it operates continuously throughout the season. However a significant reduction in mosquitoes can be seen in about a week.

Since it is the female mosquito that is responsible for biting they are the ones that are drawn in and trapped by mosquito magnet. The breading cycle of the mosquito population is interrupted and they die off. Result, you can enjoy your backyard without being a feast.

What impressed me about mosquito magnet is that it operates without using chemicals. I like this feature since most spray on repellant's use a chemical called deet. Deet has been used for decades and although being relatively safe it still can cause health problems after prolong use. Plus spray repellant's loose their effectiveness and need to be re-applied.

It is innovations like this that companies should focus on. The logic of how mosquito magnet works, using nature to fight nature is very smart. Instead of trying to conquer the mosquito problem with zappers and chemicals the makers of mosquito magnet looked at what quality mammals have that attract the mosquitoes and other insects. Then they develop a product the mimics that quality.

Mosquito magnet actually attracts the mosquitoes the same way you do, it just does a better job of it. They unknowingly fly into it thinking it is their next meal, and the results are amazing. One test in Florida yielded over 1500 mosquitoes in one night while the U.S. Coast Guard used mosquito magnet to reclaim its base in the bahamas catching a whopping 1.5 million mosquitoes in just 6 days.

Since mosquito magnet usually takes about a week before noticeable results are achieved it isn't really going to be much help if you are camping for a couple nights. It simply isn't a long enough time frame to see any noticeable effect.

Mosquito magnet is designed more for backyard use or to be used for extended camping or RVing. Set it up between where you are and where the mosquitoes are likely coming from. Spots like the pond or the tree's beyond your home and then let it work.

There is a small cost of operating. Mosquito magnet operates on a 21 day cycle. At the end of a cycle the propane tank should be refilled along with the

Mosquito Magnet Liberty Plus Insect Trap — Cordless
Mosquito Magnet Liberty Plus Insect Trap — Cordless



Mosquito magnet works!

There is a nominal cost of operation but you eliminate the need for spray repellant's and citronella candles.

Ask yourself this...

  1. Are you tired of being driven out of your yard by bugs?
  2. Would you rather avoid the use of spray repellant's?
  3. Tired of that "mmwweeee" sound in your ear?

Mosquito magnet is a smart solution.

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