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Kids Wood furniture plans from FurniturePlans.com

Here is what kind of plans you can expect from FurniturePlans.com. Download a sample plan. Sample Plan

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Bird Feeder Plans

Bird Feeder Plans
11-1/2” Wide x 12-1/4” Tall
What’s in the Plan:
The Bird Feeder Plans are a 5 page detailed plan, 1.3 megabyte .pdf file.

Playhouse Plans Playhouse Plans
70’’ Wide x 94" Deep x 99-1/2’’ High.
What’s in the Plan:
The Playhouse Plans are an 7 page detailed plan, 1.4 megabyte .pdf file.
Video Game Cabinet Plans Video Game Cabinet Plans
18-1/2" Wide x 12’’deep x 15-/2’’ High,
What's in each Plan:
Our Video Game Cabinet Plans are an 8 page detailed plan, 1.4 megabyte .pdf file.
Pool Table Plans Pool Table Plans
100-3/4” long x 56-3/4” wide x 31-3/4” high
What is in the Plan:
Plans are a 12 page detailed Pool Table Plans, 3.1 megabyte .pdf file.
Table Hockey Plans Table Hockey Plans
24-3/4 Wide x 36-3/4 long x 2-1/2 High
What’s in the Plan:
The Table Hockey Plans are a 5 page detailed plan, 1.89 megabyte .pdf file.
Noah's Ark Plans Noah's Ark Plans
Plan is 22“ Long x 7-3/4” Wide x 7-1/8”
What is in the Plan:
The Noah’s Ark Plans are an 13 page detailed plan, 1.2 megabyte .pdf file
Sports Shelf Plans Sports Shelf Plans
49” Wide x 54-3/4” High x 12” Deep
What’s in the Plan:
The Sports Shelf Plans are a 6 page detailed plan, 1.4 megabyte .pdf file.
Foosball Table Plans Foosball Table Plans
58-1/2“ Long x 30-1/2” Wide x 35-1/4” High
What is in the Plan:
The Foosball Table Plans are a 13 page detailed plan, 2.4 megabyte .pdf file
Loft Bed Plans Loft Bed Plans
What’s in the Plan:
44” Wide x 80” Long x 69-1/4” High
The Loft Bed Plans are a 7 page detailed plan, 1.4 megabyte .pdf file.
Baby Cradle Plans Baby Cradle Plans
36" high x 23-1/4" wide x 44" long.
What’s in the Plan:
The Baby Cradle Plans are an 8 page detailed plan, 1.5 megabyte .pdf file.
Gumball Machine Plans Gumball Machine Plans
The finished project makes a great conversation piece for your office, den or kitchen and can be filled with any small candy or mints less than 3/4" in size.
Golf Ball Display Plans Golf Ball Display Plans
17“ High x 17” Wide x 3” Deep
What’s in each Plan:
Our Golf Ball Display Plans are a 4 page detailed plan, 0.7 megabyte .pdf file
State Quarter Display Plans State Quarter Display Plans
22-5/16“ High x 32-5/16” Wide
What’s in each Plan:
Each State Quarter Display Plans are a 13 page detailed plan, 1.1 megabyte .pdf file.
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