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CMT Router Bits

Starting 30 years ago in Pesaro Italy CMT router bits are made for "Professional" wood workers.

CMT bits are developed with safety in mind. Their anti-kickback design is designed into all their bits which is important especially with larger bits. Designed to stay in contact with the wood while cutting.

The carbide cutting surface makes cleaner cuts with less heat build up, which caused the cutting surface to dull prematurely.

CMT router bits are a smart choice for both beginners and experts.


CMT 22-1/2 Lock Miter Router Set
CMT 22-1/2 Lock Miter Router Set

Eliminates the need for clamps on 22-1/2 projects. Perfect for producing octagon-shaped boxes and corner cabinetry! Also helps you get a strong, tight joint when joining wood at 45 ang..

CMT 22-1/2 Lock Miter Router Set

CMT Crown Molding Router Bit Set
CMT Crown Molding Router Bit Set

Create elegant crown molding using your table saw and router. By changing the fence angle and height, you can create a variety of core shapes.

CMT Crown Molding Router Bit Set

CMT glass panel door set
CMT glass panel door set

Make glass panel doors easily!..

CMT glass panel door set

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